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I am a Rutgers-Camden Graduate

Last Wednesday, Governor Christie proposed a separation and merger of two of New Jersey state colleges as a way to improve or higher education; Rutger-Camden, a nationally recognized university, will not only be “merged,” but dissolved into Rowan University, a regionally known state school.  People who attend Rutgers-Camden are typically from South Jersey, want the same education that New Brunswick offers but cannot alter their current life to head north, and want the recognition of a name, a BRAND, of a nationally and globally known University.

As a Rutgers-Camden graduate, as a RUTGERS graduate, I am not happy that my alma mater may be no more.  Because of this, I wrote a letter to Governor Christie in regards to this matter and my feelings on this issue.  I only felt that it would be fair to share it with the Rutgers Community and every one else.

I have attached a link to sign a petition against this potential merger: Stop the Merger!

Dear Governor Christie,
While I applaud your efforts in attempting to reform New Jersey’s higher education system, I feel that this merger may be more detrimental than beneficial.  I understand your want to increase Rowan’s national recognition, but shedding the Rutgers name in Camden can be seen as a slap in the face to those students and alum that attended Camden because they could not attend New Brunswick for various reasons.
I, like many other New Jerseyans seeking a secondary education, left New Jersey to pursue my degree.  However, after my freshman year, I came back, looked at my college options (again) in NJ, and decided on Rutgers (my three choices were Rutgers, TCNJ, and Rowan).  Rutgers-Camden won out in the end because it was more convenient than New Brunswick (and would be the same education), had my major (B.S. in Marketing, not Business with a specialization), and it fit my budget.  I spent two and a half years at Burlington County College and transferred right into Rutgers-Camden without a second thought.
Here are some of my reasons why Rutgers-Camden should remain Rutgers, not assimilate into Rowan:  I went to RUTGERS, not Rowan for a reason, as did most students; they are not the same! Rutgers was founded in 1766 and is the eighth-oldest college in the United States, being one of the nine Colonial colleges founded before the American Revolution. Rutgers is a name that is easily recognized and highly regarded by employers nationwide. Rutgers-Camden students report the highest level of satisfaction with their education out of the three campuses.   I do not feel that it is fair to strip away Rutgers-Camden’s achievements and simply hand them over to Rowan who is still building their own name.
 I implore you to reconsider this merger.  If you must continue with the merger, may I suggest that you hold onto the Rutgers name and make Rowan a sister school.  We as a state do not need two research universities in order to compete with outside schools.  If anything we need lower in-state tuition and an increase in out-of-state tuition, as many other states will charge as much as $10,000 more.  New Jersey has a Southern New Jersey Research University, it goes by Rutgers-Camden; there is no logical reason to further separate the ties between North and South Jersey.
 Thank you for your time and I am interested to see the future decisions and plans for this proposed merger.
A Rutgers Graduate


How many coffeemakers does one break room need exactly?

I am not wrong in my titling with no spaces.  There is no room for error in my current life setup, no space.  Whether or not I’ve said this in the past, I have calculated my average hours between my internships, work, and school.



Throw in time to sleep (average 6 hours/night ): 42


There are 168 hours in one week.

Add in time for homework (2 hours for every 1 hour in class): 18


Time spent in my car: hour and a half on Monday, hour and a half on Tuesday, two and a half hours on Wednesday, 10 minutes (sweet, right?) on Thursday,  two and a half hours on Friday, 1 hour on some Saturdays and 10 minutes on others, ZERO on Sunday.

Let’s say I spend roughly 10 hours in the car throughout the week (traffic factor).


168-115= 53

I have 53 hours to delegate to family time, eating, working out, reading, writing, photoshopping for my three school associations, me time, and any excess homework.

Almost 70% of my week is not mine.  That other 30% has to be spent wisely, which can be bad since I’m a huge procrastinator.

Take right now for example:  I’m currently working on copies for my one internship.  I needed a mental break to shift away from items that I will most likely one day be using and focus on how much time I don’t have.  Do I like writing? Yes.  If I didn’t I wouldn’t be writing a blog.

Although 53 hours is actually more than two days, they are not consecutive hours.  If they were, well, I’d still be super busy. I stay up later than I should because I need time to unwind and I go out on Fridays when I probably shouldn’t since I have work at 9 the next morning.  But sometimes I just need to get out of my normal routine and go out.  Do something different, even if that means being tired at work the next day.  My performance doesn’t suffer until I want to go out Saturday night.  I nap is necessary for prime enjoyment.  I may still be young, but staying out all night and working all day does not mesh well anymore.  I desperately need a Monday-Friday nine to five so I don’t have to mesh staying out late with working early.

One day, right?

May is right around the corner and I’ll be super exhausted, but I can officially pursue a job because I’ll have that piece of paper that says, “You passed, welcome to the jungle.”

Thank you Guns N’Roses.

Now that you have read my frustrations, I apologize for the discombobulation of my thoughts.  It’s time to head back to my other writing so I can get more than six hours of sleep tonight.  Oh, and not turn into a pumpkin and strive to be in bed before midnight.

115…..   Onehundredfifteen.

Before Midnight

Contrary to what the picture may make you think, I am not talking about Cinderella, although there is a good chance of me turning into a pumpkin if I keep getting to bed AFTER midnight.

Sleep is good.  I do not care what others may say in regards to putting sleep off for all intents and purposes.  I need sleep.  My body needs sleep.  The worlds needs me to have sleep.  Otherwise there’s a good chance for a grumpy Katie, which I feel as though I’ve been lately (too bad lack of sleep isn’t my only problem).  Sleep is essential to making it through the day and if I plan on making it to bed before midnight, I have exactly 12 minutes to finish this little blog.

Have you guys missed me?  I’ve felt bad for not writing, but time to write evades me.  Between two internships, two classes, one hybrid (sorta) course regarding South Africa, working at three different Acme’s and trying to fit some down time, some me time, some social time, and some sleep time, I feel as though I have no time.  I’m not even sure if that was a run-on sentence.  Was it?  I don’t really care at this point and at the same time when it comes to creative writing (which is SO much more fun than technical writing), there’s more leniency when it comes to run-ons.  I can even go against my Catholic school upbringing and start a sentence with BECAUSE.

Quick!  Hide the rulers….

Um, yeah.  The nuns at Sacred Heart, for the time they were there before Father Bob sent them away (Seriously? YUP), didn’t beat us.  They just put the fear of God in us.  I made the mistake of asking where God came from.  I learned very quickly NOT to ask that question again.  Now I’m just a non-practicing Catholic, much to my mother’s disapproval mind you.  But Catholic school is not as bad as many make it out to be.  I turned out pretty good, right?

And I also read the other day that putting two spaces after a period, before starting a new sentence is wrong.  That’s it’s inefficient and unnecessary.  1) It’s such a habit that it has become ingrained beyond changing. 2) I like the double space because it spaces out the sentences nicely.  Maybe I just like the negative space effect, or maybe because that’s what I taught was right and the others are just too lazy to hit the space bar twice.  Go ahead and try it.  Disclaimer: if you break a nail or injure your finger in someway, I apologize, but am due no fault.  YOU should have spaced more carefully.

Annnnnnnd it’s 12:01.  So much for that pipe dream.

But speaking of dreams, I think I shall wrap this up and say farewell until next time.  Internship #2 tomorrow, then work.  I LOVE 12 hour days.  Good practice?

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

I kid you not folks, Baby was put in the corner as a child on multiple occasions.  I wouldn’t say that I was an evil child, just half Irish and half Hungarian; I was stubborn, hard-headed and it was always about me.  Or so I thought.  It really is a hard pill to swallow when you come to the age when not everything is about you.  Remember when you were told that Santa or the Easter Bunny never actually existed?  Yeah, well, I was one of those cool kids that figured it out on their own so when my mother told me, I simply replied, “Yeah, I know.” SHE was shocked, not me.

This painting by Bessie Gutman, was practically painted after me, including the curly locks and Mandy, my golden, sitting by my side.  When I was three, I thought I could take on the world.  Almost 22 years later, I feel the same way, just with more realistic views.  Nothing gets handed to you (unless you’re just one of THOSE lucky ones).  You can’t call out to mommy or daddy, even if you still live with them.  It really is just you and the world.  Granted, certain professors at school have been a major influence or major help, but in the end, it’s still just you.

In this economy, you need to be a self starter.  You need to be ahead of the curve.  You need to be unique.  The most ironic part is that most kids were told by their parents at one point or another that they were, in fact, unique.  If every parent tells every child that they are unique, then essentially, we are all the same.  So what do you do?  Differentiate yourself.  That’s an awesome concept.  But here’s my issue: How?  Everyone ends up hearing the same information I do.  The only differentiation that you have is what you’ve done with your life.

I wasn’t highly active in school.  I went to school, focused on school work, and went home.  My social life from grades K-12 was pretty much non-existent so my networking started really, really late.  I’ve been at the same job since 2002 except I’ve moved up through the ranks a little.

Fast forward to the fall semester, 2010:  Get involved with the Marketing Association (double check because I’m the PR officer).  Try to find a viable internship (half check because I have the contacts, but my résumé needs to be revamped, again).  Sign up for the South Africa study abroad trip (triple check because I applied for that, decided to be overzealous and look into Brazil, and I finally found a viable mentor at Rutgers in the Marketing Department).  Increase my friend circle (pretty sure that can be checked because I didn’t realize how many people I do know and how many I’m getting to know and the best part is that these people are going somewhere with their lives and I can only hope that the friendships will last long into the future). FYI – I do realize that last one was a run-on.

Looking at that last paragraph, I’d say I’m doing pretty well.  However, I really should be working on my résumé, but I’d rather procrastinate right now (Generation Y at it’s finest people).  I’ll get it done, I always do.  And when it’s done, it’ll be awesome, and unique, and differentiated, and just like everyone else’s.