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New Year, Same You

Can you believe it?  Twenty-eleven has come and gone (as all other years past) and twenty-twelve has emerged in true fashion.What do you suppose this year has in store?  Well, if my Irish ancestors had TOLD me about some of the traditional traditions, maybe twelve would have even more to offer than it already does…  I don’t believe in resolutions because they’re empty promises to yourself.  I don’t need a new year, a new month, a new week, or a new day to say I’m going to do something.  If I want to do something, I’m going to do it.  DUH.  But back to the traditions, of for us Irish, superstitions.


Superstition #1: The first person to pass through the door on New Year’s day was caused either good or bad luck for the family for the rest of the year. If a tall dark handsome man was the first person to cross over the threshold, this would bring the home and it’s occupants good luck but if it was a red haired or blonde girl, it would bring hardship and grief.  All I can say is THANK GOD I’m a brunette since I was the first person to cross over the threshold.  No good, no bad, just our luck remaining the same.

Superstition #2: On New Year’s night, families would remember those who has passed away that year before by setting a place for them at the dinner table and leaving the door unlatched.  This was a way to say that they were still welcome members of the family.  Although I’ve heard of this, neither was done.  Being a half Irish family, those that have past on seem to stick around anyway.  Thank you Grandmom ;)

Superstition #3:  Banging on doors and walls of the house with Christmas bread to chase the bad luck out of the house and invite the good spirits in.  All I can think of is soda bread and hard it is to be able to complete this task…  Maybe they were just trying to soften the bread?  In all honesty, I would prefer no spirits at all.

Superstition #4: Beginning the year with a really clean house.  A spotless house signified a fresh start to the new year.  Guess I should have cleaned my room?  Missed that memo, I’ll get on it.  Really, I will.

Superstition #5: Mistletoe is believed to bring romantic bliss to Irish women on New Year’s Eve.  If you tuck a small bouquet of mistletoe under your pillow on NYE, Irish women will become lucky with love in the new year and fund their true love.  Seriously?  Why the heck didn’t someone tell me about this because this drought that I’ve been living in has been going on for way too long.  Guess there’s always next year, right?  Or maybe I’ll go find some and make my own Hungarian-Irish tradition….

Regardless of your heritage or what your believe or practice, I do wish that everyone has a fantastically awesome new year.  I hope that twenty-twelve has as many new doors for me as they do you.  Just remember, a new year may be a good starting point, but you can place a starting point anywhere you’d like in the end.