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Allllll Aboard!

In about two and a half months, a new chapter of my life begins.  Everyone, including myself, thought that my graduation last May (2011) would be the beginning of the new chapter, but it has so far only left me brokenhearted and disappointed.  This fall, I will be embarking on an brand new college career.  It feels in a way like a do-over because of the length of the program, but I’m not.  I am just on the bigger and better things.

Good bye marketing career, hello PharmD (with the chance of a dual degree with a MBA.  Why not?).  Some people may think that I am taking the easy way out by returning back to the safety bubble, otherwise known as college, but I’ve got news for you: IT’S NOT.  Taking on a six year program when I already have student loans out the waazoo at 26 can be risky, or smart.  I’m going with smart.  Plus the greater the risk, the greater the return.

I may have to change the name of my blog, and I’m open to suggestions, but I think the name still fits and a weird sort of way.  I feel bad that I haven’t updated more, but I haven’t been compelled to write because nothing super awesome or interesting has happened since my last post.  So let’s mark this as a milestone, because I’m onto bigger and better things.  I hope.


Wish me luck!


One year later

One year later and I feel as though I do not have much to show for myself or my blog.  I became lackadaisical in updating on at least a MONTHLY basis (regardless of me notating that I wouldn’t be updating regularly).

One year later and I have a degree in marketing and no job with an office or cubicle to hang on my diploma.  Every job search that I have done thus far has either come up empty or has been misleading as to what the company actually wanted from me (Seeking Marketing Associate for sales-management program).

One year later and I gained 20 pounds from my senior year of college and 10 pounds from being lazy, eating good food, and general life stress.  Thankfully, I lost those 10 pounds and am currently pursuing to lose the other 20 and placing a restraining order on them.  For some irony, I gained the last 10 pounds soon after I joined a gym, but my workouts are finally kicking some butt (probably because I’m going more regularly and I’m kicking some butt).

One year later and I still hang with the same people almost every weekend and I don’t mind it at all.  Chill evenings can sometimes outrank even the most funnest of nights out.  When was the last weekend that I stayed in the entire time?  I can honestly say that I do not remember.

One year later and I’m still the same person I was before.  People may have said that I have changed, but in all honesty, it was that I didn’t change for them.  I have lost some close friends and I have gained some new acquaintances; isn’t that how the world works or the cookie crumbles?

So I sit before you one year later and I am still the same person now that I was 364 days ago, except one year older. Coincidence?  No, just life at it’s finest.


How many coffeemakers does one break room need exactly?

I am not wrong in my titling with no spaces.  There is no room for error in my current life setup, no space.  Whether or not I’ve said this in the past, I have calculated my average hours between my internships, work, and school.



Throw in time to sleep (average 6 hours/night ): 42


There are 168 hours in one week.

Add in time for homework (2 hours for every 1 hour in class): 18


Time spent in my car: hour and a half on Monday, hour and a half on Tuesday, two and a half hours on Wednesday, 10 minutes (sweet, right?) on Thursday,  two and a half hours on Friday, 1 hour on some Saturdays and 10 minutes on others, ZERO on Sunday.

Let’s say I spend roughly 10 hours in the car throughout the week (traffic factor).


168-115= 53

I have 53 hours to delegate to family time, eating, working out, reading, writing, photoshopping for my three school associations, me time, and any excess homework.

Almost 70% of my week is not mine.  That other 30% has to be spent wisely, which can be bad since I’m a huge procrastinator.

Take right now for example:  I’m currently working on copies for my one internship.  I needed a mental break to shift away from items that I will most likely one day be using and focus on how much time I don’t have.  Do I like writing? Yes.  If I didn’t I wouldn’t be writing a blog.

Although 53 hours is actually more than two days, they are not consecutive hours.  If they were, well, I’d still be super busy. I stay up later than I should because I need time to unwind and I go out on Fridays when I probably shouldn’t since I have work at 9 the next morning.  But sometimes I just need to get out of my normal routine and go out.  Do something different, even if that means being tired at work the next day.  My performance doesn’t suffer until I want to go out Saturday night.  I nap is necessary for prime enjoyment.  I may still be young, but staying out all night and working all day does not mesh well anymore.  I desperately need a Monday-Friday nine to five so I don’t have to mesh staying out late with working early.

One day, right?

May is right around the corner and I’ll be super exhausted, but I can officially pursue a job because I’ll have that piece of paper that says, “You passed, welcome to the jungle.”

Thank you Guns N’Roses.

Now that you have read my frustrations, I apologize for the discombobulation of my thoughts.  It’s time to head back to my other writing so I can get more than six hours of sleep tonight.  Oh, and not turn into a pumpkin and strive to be in bed before midnight.

115…..   Onehundredfifteen.

Before Midnight

Contrary to what the picture may make you think, I am not talking about Cinderella, although there is a good chance of me turning into a pumpkin if I keep getting to bed AFTER midnight.

Sleep is good.  I do not care what others may say in regards to putting sleep off for all intents and purposes.  I need sleep.  My body needs sleep.  The worlds needs me to have sleep.  Otherwise there’s a good chance for a grumpy Katie, which I feel as though I’ve been lately (too bad lack of sleep isn’t my only problem).  Sleep is essential to making it through the day and if I plan on making it to bed before midnight, I have exactly 12 minutes to finish this little blog.

Have you guys missed me?  I’ve felt bad for not writing, but time to write evades me.  Between two internships, two classes, one hybrid (sorta) course regarding South Africa, working at three different Acme’s and trying to fit some down time, some me time, some social time, and some sleep time, I feel as though I have no time.  I’m not even sure if that was a run-on sentence.  Was it?  I don’t really care at this point and at the same time when it comes to creative writing (which is SO much more fun than technical writing), there’s more leniency when it comes to run-ons.  I can even go against my Catholic school upbringing and start a sentence with BECAUSE.

Quick!  Hide the rulers….

Um, yeah.  The nuns at Sacred Heart, for the time they were there before Father Bob sent them away (Seriously? YUP), didn’t beat us.  They just put the fear of God in us.  I made the mistake of asking where God came from.  I learned very quickly NOT to ask that question again.  Now I’m just a non-practicing Catholic, much to my mother’s disapproval mind you.  But Catholic school is not as bad as many make it out to be.  I turned out pretty good, right?

And I also read the other day that putting two spaces after a period, before starting a new sentence is wrong.  That’s it’s inefficient and unnecessary.  1) It’s such a habit that it has become ingrained beyond changing. 2) I like the double space because it spaces out the sentences nicely.  Maybe I just like the negative space effect, or maybe because that’s what I taught was right and the others are just too lazy to hit the space bar twice.  Go ahead and try it.  Disclaimer: if you break a nail or injure your finger in someway, I apologize, but am due no fault.  YOU should have spaced more carefully.

Annnnnnnd it’s 12:01.  So much for that pipe dream.

But speaking of dreams, I think I shall wrap this up and say farewell until next time.  Internship #2 tomorrow, then work.  I LOVE 12 hour days.  Good practice?

It’s Fur-LUF-eeeeeee

For starters, say it really fast.  The title will appear to make more sense with a faster intonation, and the picture should help if you’ve ever seen Despicable Me.  If you haven’t seen the movie, you need to because it’s pretty much AWESOME.  There’s plenty of snow on the ground to make most of you want to stay indoors once the sun goes down, so rent it, watch it, and I’ll refrain from saying, “I told you so.”  I’ll even include a link: Despicable Me.

Yes, it’s fur-LUF-eeeeeee. The snow, I mean, not the unicorn, although I’d be a pretty lucky girl to have someone blowup a concession stand to win that for me (hint).  The snow is in fact fluffy.  Not exactly prime snowman making or fort building and not that I would particularly know since I did not have the wonderful opportunity to play in the snow.  With each snowfall that we’ve gotten this year, I have realized that I am getting closer to adulthood as I approach the end of my super-extended super-senior year.

I want to go sledding.  I can’t.

I have to go to work.
I have to go to school.
I have to do something.
I have no one to sled with (LAME, I know.)

Instead, I find myself waking up an extra hour earlier to shovel out my car.  Mind you, I do not live in Philly, an apartment complex, or somewhere similar.  I still live at home with my parents and we have a ginormous driveway.  I was smart today and parked as close to the end as I could.  However, it still took me about an hour and a half to remove the snow from my driveway, the plowed in snow, and the snow from my car (I’m not one of those annoying people who only remove enough to see out from only the windows).  It’s a really fun way to start my day especially when I prefer to work out after work.

Now mind you, I don’t hate snow and I don’t think I ever will (I’m sure I’ll eat those words when I’m old), but I’m starting to dislike it very much by how much it inconveniences me.  If I didn’t have anywhere to be and had nothing to do, I would say, “BRING IT.”  Dear Mother Nature, show me your worst and give me a reason to run to the grocery store because then I may truly be snowed in for five days.  But we live in Jersey, where we have an ample supply of snow plows and the only way that we’ll ever get snowed in is if 10 feet of snow falls from the sky and every plow but one breaks down.  I can see the pigs flying now.

Back to the inconveniences: I don’t entirely hate shoveling, rather I don’t like waking up early to shovel.  I understand that my street isn’t the only one in town, but they plow and then they don’t come back to do a clean up.  I don’t live on some side, “no outlet” street.  I live on a street where no one obeys the 25-mph speed limit that connects one main road to another.  I guess as long as they don’t put in speed bumps I’ll survive (that would be worse because I’d have to deal with it eeeeeevery day).  I also have to deal with my mother (sorry mom, but it’s not news).  She watches the weather:  when 6abc reports all day, she watches it all day.  I mean, it’s snowing and I don’t consider it to be worthy of an all day news event.  It’s snow, it’s weather and if you don’t like if, move to somewhere that it doesn’t snow.  However that would be rather impossible this year considering 49 of the 50 states have snow.

What do I like about snow?

It’s pretty.
It’s like a fresh start.
I love to just lay in it until I can’t feel my butt.
It never gets truly dark at night.
It gives the illusion of clean.

So all in all I like fur-LUF-eeeee snow.  But don’t be mistaken, there’s a 99.99999999% chance that I will be grumbling when I have to wake up early to shovel my car out again.



I have plenty to say but my brain is in one great big jumbled-up mess.  I am having issuing with focusing on just one thought to write about it.

Here are some tidbits:

It’s twenty-eleven.  My year of doubles: two internships, two weddings, two trips, and waiting of a fourth double.  An odd number wouldn’t make any sense.

I start my one of my two internships tomorrow.  I start the other one next Tuesday.

My winter break ends in a week and a half.  Classes starts on FRIDAY for me.

I cleaned my room today: I still have too much stuff and a lot more to work on, but I have also grown out of a room that cannot grow.  My room is the reason I am the way I am right now.  I get busy, so my room becomes a mess.  I live in my room, I study in my room, and I even sleep in my room.  If I had an apartment, life would be simpler because all things would have their place.  Small steps though, to get my room in order, probably by the time I move out.  Poetic, really.

It’s supposed to snow, again.  Don’t get me wrong, I love snow, but I don’t like when it gets in the way of my plans.

As much as I don’t care for The Cleveland Show, I haven’t changed the channel since the Eagles typical loss and I was made happy by their reference to Pulp Fiction.  To all that didn’t get it, SHAME.

I am my own Ms. Fix-It.  I’ve known this, but I’m taking this opportunity to make you aware.  Why pay someone else when it’s just as easy and much CHEAPER to do it yourself?

Tomorrow marks me getting back on track, with everything.  I simply need to stop slacking.  I know, I know: Me slack?  It happens.

For now, I am enjoying the thought about the upcoming sleep that awaits for me in my bed.

What Snow?

So I figured that I owed my five (is that too ambitious of a number) followers a new blog.  Consider it a belated Christmas present.  If you’re not Catholic or Christian, I apologize for whatever offense.  SORRY, I’m Catholic and therefore celebrate Christmas and give out Christmas presents.  By any means,  I plan on keeping this short because my alarm is set for 5:30am so that I am out of bed by 6ish to shovel my car out to be at work by 9am (I live two minutes away but I don’t plan on shoveling and then going to work wet and snow covered).

1) Semester-end Good Tidings
2) Internships… (S)?
3) Snow, yeah THAT white stuff
4) Too much gab, listen


1) Semester-end Good Tidings:

So, I may not have that 4.0 anymore (it died with Spring semester finance), but I do have a 3.97 instead of a 3.96.  It may seem minuscule but when I was faced with a VERY good possibility of receiving a B in Policy which would drop my GPA to a 3.92, I was ecstatic to open up my grades online Christmas evening to discover ALL A’s.  My heart literally skipped a beat and I couldn’t breathe for a good 3.97 seconds of so…..  I want to graduate with the highest honors as a personal achievement for myself; it’s not to show employers how smart I am.  I could be super stupid and have taken the easier courses with the easiest professors.  It was the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER, hands down, to date.  Grades aren’t all, but they are a good measure for achievement when given fairly and when you know you’ve done everything possible to deserve them.

2) Internships… (S)?

Yes, there is a “S” after that.  Call me crazy but I need as many opportunities as I can get.  I have one internship for credit where I’ll be developing a marketing plan, getting the company involved with social media and updating various brochures and presentations.  The second internship is more of a part time gig with a full time emphasis.  I will be writing copies for the products using my fun, funky, and witty flair (I know, witty doesn’t follow in with the proper alliteration).  They both offer different opportunities that I look forward to exploring.  Now, if only I can turn one of them into a full time real job……………..

3) Snow, yeah THAT white stuff

Um, it’s snowing.  DUH.  If you’re a hermit and haven’t turned on the TV to look at the weather channel or simply looked out your window, it’s snowing.  Heck, all you have to do these days is check you Facebook newsfeed.  My mother on the other hand loves it when 6abc does the storm watch so she can “see what it’s doing.”  Every time that she tells me this I always reply with a “Look out the window, Mom.”  She hates it when I do that. I don’t care that Delaware has 6 inches of snow at two in the afternoon when we barely have 1 inch.  I don’t need to know that it’s snowing in four towns surrounding me.  Is it snowing out?  Yes; I can tell that by looking out the window.  When is it going to stop?  According to the weatherman, sometime between now and 1pm tomorrow; it will stop when it stops.  School closings?  A) School’s done for break and B) I work at a Pharmacy, we DON’T close for snow. The object of news is to tell me something new.  This is why I don’t watch it that often and when I do, I watch it in small increments.  If I watch it in the morning, I don’t at night (most stories are repeats).  Amazingly enough, I have this neat invention called an iPhone so I can check the weather or the news when I please.  The world is at my fingertips.  Go figure.

4) Too much gab, listen

As much as I wish people would stop telling me that I’m being quiet: it’s either someone that I don’t know telling me that I’m being TOO quiet or someone that I do know saying that I’m unusually quiet.  The only good thing about someone saying that is that it becomes an awesome conversation starter.  I hate small talk.  I’m clearly NOT going to talk about the weather and if I don’t know you, it’s hard to find an easier commonality especially if there has been no introduction.  If I do know you, sometimes I simply have nothing to say or too much is being said and it either has nothing to do with me or I can’t find that small moment of dead air for the chance to interject.  Can I talk a lot?  Sure, when I have a captive audience.  If there’s someone else there and they have the gift of gab and prefer the light to be on them (especially without realizing it), I tend to rescind any thought of talking and I generally have a hard time getting out of that state.  It’s a state I like to call, listening, observing, and thinking: LOT.  Hey, don’t knock it.  I have heard more things about more people that way, especially when it has nothing to do with the group of people that you’re with.  If you stuck in a car, your thoughts are somewhat limited and stuck listening to the same mundane conversation and tend to revert back to your own thoughts and proceed to daydream.  I can’t help it.  I was shy growing up, and although I was the “baby” in my family, I did not get everything I always wanted and I got into trouble the most.  I can talk, I can listen, and I don’t like hanging out with people that do not understand the concept of both.  Those people are best in small doses and in bigger social settings.  I think that I have a sign on my head (along with many others), that says, “Awesome listener here, can’t interject for crap so the soapbox is yours.”  Don’t get me wrong, I like to listen, but I have stories too, and you shouldn’t have to wait for me to blog about it to find out what they are because other people haven’t learned the art of listening.

So much for keeping this short….. :)