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One year later

One year later and I feel as though I do not have much to show for myself or my blog.  I became lackadaisical in updating on at least a MONTHLY basis (regardless of me notating that I wouldn’t be updating regularly).

One year later and I have a degree in marketing and no job with an office or cubicle to hang on my diploma.  Every job search that I have done thus far has either come up empty or has been misleading as to what the company actually wanted from me (Seeking Marketing Associate for sales-management program).

One year later and I gained 20 pounds from my senior year of college and 10 pounds from being lazy, eating good food, and general life stress.  Thankfully, I lost those 10 pounds and am currently pursuing to lose the other 20 and placing a restraining order on them.  For some irony, I gained the last 10 pounds soon after I joined a gym, but my workouts are finally kicking some butt (probably because I’m going more regularly and I’m kicking some butt).

One year later and I still hang with the same people almost every weekend and I don’t mind it at all.  Chill evenings can sometimes outrank even the most funnest of nights out.  When was the last weekend that I stayed in the entire time?  I can honestly say that I do not remember.

One year later and I’m still the same person I was before.  People may have said that I have changed, but in all honesty, it was that I didn’t change for them.  I have lost some close friends and I have gained some new acquaintances; isn’t that how the world works or the cookie crumbles?

So I sit before you one year later and I am still the same person now that I was 364 days ago, except one year older. Coincidence?  No, just life at it’s finest.



How many coffeemakers does one break room need exactly?

I am not wrong in my titling with no spaces.  There is no room for error in my current life setup, no space.  Whether or not I’ve said this in the past, I have calculated my average hours between my internships, work, and school.



Throw in time to sleep (average 6 hours/night ): 42


There are 168 hours in one week.

Add in time for homework (2 hours for every 1 hour in class): 18


Time spent in my car: hour and a half on Monday, hour and a half on Tuesday, two and a half hours on Wednesday, 10 minutes (sweet, right?) on Thursday,  two and a half hours on Friday, 1 hour on some Saturdays and 10 minutes on others, ZERO on Sunday.

Let’s say I spend roughly 10 hours in the car throughout the week (traffic factor).


168-115= 53

I have 53 hours to delegate to family time, eating, working out, reading, writing, photoshopping for my three school associations, me time, and any excess homework.

Almost 70% of my week is not mine.  That other 30% has to be spent wisely, which can be bad since I’m a huge procrastinator.

Take right now for example:  I’m currently working on copies for my one internship.  I needed a mental break to shift away from items that I will most likely one day be using and focus on how much time I don’t have.  Do I like writing? Yes.  If I didn’t I wouldn’t be writing a blog.

Although 53 hours is actually more than two days, they are not consecutive hours.  If they were, well, I’d still be super busy. I stay up later than I should because I need time to unwind and I go out on Fridays when I probably shouldn’t since I have work at 9 the next morning.  But sometimes I just need to get out of my normal routine and go out.  Do something different, even if that means being tired at work the next day.  My performance doesn’t suffer until I want to go out Saturday night.  I nap is necessary for prime enjoyment.  I may still be young, but staying out all night and working all day does not mesh well anymore.  I desperately need a Monday-Friday nine to five so I don’t have to mesh staying out late with working early.

One day, right?

May is right around the corner and I’ll be super exhausted, but I can officially pursue a job because I’ll have that piece of paper that says, “You passed, welcome to the jungle.”

Thank you Guns N’Roses.

Now that you have read my frustrations, I apologize for the discombobulation of my thoughts.  It’s time to head back to my other writing so I can get more than six hours of sleep tonight.  Oh, and not turn into a pumpkin and strive to be in bed before midnight.

115…..   Onehundredfifteen.


I have plenty to say but my brain is in one great big jumbled-up mess.  I am having issuing with focusing on just one thought to write about it.

Here are some tidbits:

It’s twenty-eleven.  My year of doubles: two internships, two weddings, two trips, and waiting of a fourth double.  An odd number wouldn’t make any sense.

I start my one of my two internships tomorrow.  I start the other one next Tuesday.

My winter break ends in a week and a half.  Classes starts on FRIDAY for me.

I cleaned my room today: I still have too much stuff and a lot more to work on, but I have also grown out of a room that cannot grow.  My room is the reason I am the way I am right now.  I get busy, so my room becomes a mess.  I live in my room, I study in my room, and I even sleep in my room.  If I had an apartment, life would be simpler because all things would have their place.  Small steps though, to get my room in order, probably by the time I move out.  Poetic, really.

It’s supposed to snow, again.  Don’t get me wrong, I love snow, but I don’t like when it gets in the way of my plans.

As much as I don’t care for The Cleveland Show, I haven’t changed the channel since the Eagles typical loss and I was made happy by their reference to Pulp Fiction.  To all that didn’t get it, SHAME.

I am my own Ms. Fix-It.  I’ve known this, but I’m taking this opportunity to make you aware.  Why pay someone else when it’s just as easy and much CHEAPER to do it yourself?

Tomorrow marks me getting back on track, with everything.  I simply need to stop slacking.  I know, I know: Me slack?  It happens.

For now, I am enjoying the thought about the upcoming sleep that awaits for me in my bed.

Leap of Faith

So I started writing this last Friday.  I honestly have know idea where I was going with this now.  What’s worse is that I was interrupted while I was writing this so I had no idea then part-way through.  Maybe I did but I’m too chicken to reveal my greater truths.  Or my thought process got all jumbled and wanted to say more than comprehension allowed.  Or I just felt like stopping.  Maybe the whole thing is a mute point and this entire thing it pointless.

I’m not in a bitter mood tonight and I’m not exactly overwhelmed.  I think I’m just tired of everything in general.  I’m ready for the semester to be over.  Ready for bogus projects to be done.  Ready to start my break, even if it may only be filled with work and sleep.  I have some plans that I want to accomplish and plan on doing so even if that means doing them by myself.  I know that my mother would probably die at the idea of me traveling to NYC by myself, but as an adult, I can do it.  I know how to take a train, how to read signs, how not to get lost, and understand that I should never go or be led down a dark alley (that’s just stupid).

But back to the topic at hand.  I don’t see the point in deleting my draft from last Friday since I took the time to write it.  This whole post in a sense is pointless, but it’s my blog and I can post whatever I see fit.  Duh.

So enjoy, Friday, December 3, 2010 at it’s best (maybe, I think all my works rock).

I want to.  I really, really want to take a leap of faith, but I don’t see the point.  I’m happy with where things are and would rather them stay the same then make that leap without further knowledge about where I stand and royally screw things up.  If I take that leap, I want to know that I’m going to land on my feet, or better yet, have someone catch me.  I don’t want to be unsure of my place, take that leap, and then fall short and land on my butt.
My butt may have a little extra padding than others, but it still hurts just the same.
….she said butt
Clearly I am not a huge risk taker.  I like a certain amount of control, I like knowing, I like asking questions, and I like not failing or losing.  This can be a problem.  I tend to not put myself out there, put up a guard, and if you can get in, yourself lucky.  I don’t do it on purpose, it’s just who I am and how I have been, forever.
Considering that I’m pursuing a career in marketing, this can be a problem.  A problem that I can overcome, but it’s not going to happen over night.  It’s all about comfort and it takes a little bit to build that up.
What’s even funnier?  I have no idea where I was headed with this……
Oh well.


You know what sucks???  I’m too busy to sit down and write anything remotely interesting.


I got sick starting Monday.  Developed an official cold on the way to AC (Atlantic City for those who don’t get it).  Couldn’t taste what I was trying to make on Thanksgiving (although I still had a filling one).  Could go out and “enjoy” Black Friday because A) I was sick and B) I had to work alllllllll day long.  Saturday I worked, had a nice relaxing evening with friends.  Sunday was awful, I felt like crap and I could barely talk, so I baked (thankfully at this stage I’m not contagious).  Monday I had an internship offer and a job interview for two totally different places (choices?).  And in ten minutes, I have to outline what I did round by round in my Capsim program for my group because we have to present on Wednesday.


And I’m off and running again.  Is it winter break yet?


If I Wanted to Sweat, I’d Be Working Out

First off, it’s October and summer should be over.  Second, I already worked out today, I had my healthy dose of daily sweating.  Third, I HATE this weather.

I don’t mind the rain, but I do mind the humidity.  I’d rather have freezing cold rain than a humid spritz.  It causes quite a fashion conundrum (even if fashion isn’t what you normally go for).  You want to wear a hoodie so you can put it up to protect your hair (mine frizzes, so any rain barrier is welcome).  You want to wear boots (not necessarily rain boots) so that you don’t feel the creeping wetness through the bottom of your shoes.  Basically, you want to be “covered,” protected from the rain, but you can’t, because it’s humid.  So what do you do?  Because looking like crap is not an option in my book.

Tank top, hooded button up sweater, jeans, and flats.  Not a perfect combo, but I haven’t died from dehydration due to overdressing.  However, I’m still hot.  Walking from the parking lot to BSB then to the Campus Center will make you sweat in this type of weather.  I did, but (fellas advert your eyes please) I naturally sweat, for a girl. Oooooooh, so gross I know.  I mean, our sweat glands are just the same and they do what they are supposed to do.  DUH.  Get over it, we’re all human, and it’s not like I’m using this blog to get a date.  That would just be silly.

Well if the weather wasn’t a downer enough, I actually woke up in a good mood.  I started a load of laundry and proceeded with my workout.  Being in said good mood, I actually worked out longer than normal, which is good.  However, when I went to transfer my clothes to the dryer, I noticed these little white specks all over my clothes.  I continued to dig through, and I found the culprit, it was what appears to be paint stuck to the bottom of the tub.  Wrong!  Long story short, my mother washed the thermal curtains over the weekend and apparently the thermal coating disintegrated in the washer.  What she failed to do after this amazing realization, was to clean out the washer tub of any leftover residue.  So lucky me found my clothes potentially ruined (we’ll see tonight due to being stuck at school now) and I had to scrub out the tub because the stuff dried, caking itself to the washer.  That actually started my bad mood, the weather just enhanced it.  Awesome, right?

So here I am, slightly stewing in the cafeteria and… that’s it.  I should be doing schoolwork, and I will, but I needed an outlet first.  Hello OUTLET.  Hopefully things will get better, I mean they should, right?  Either way life moves on, I’m just not finding the humor in it’s suckiness right now.

And in case you’re wondering, that’s my dog Gus.  He’ll be three in December.

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

I kid you not folks, Baby was put in the corner as a child on multiple occasions.  I wouldn’t say that I was an evil child, just half Irish and half Hungarian; I was stubborn, hard-headed and it was always about me.  Or so I thought.  It really is a hard pill to swallow when you come to the age when not everything is about you.  Remember when you were told that Santa or the Easter Bunny never actually existed?  Yeah, well, I was one of those cool kids that figured it out on their own so when my mother told me, I simply replied, “Yeah, I know.” SHE was shocked, not me.

This painting by Bessie Gutman, was practically painted after me, including the curly locks and Mandy, my golden, sitting by my side.  When I was three, I thought I could take on the world.  Almost 22 years later, I feel the same way, just with more realistic views.  Nothing gets handed to you (unless you’re just one of THOSE lucky ones).  You can’t call out to mommy or daddy, even if you still live with them.  It really is just you and the world.  Granted, certain professors at school have been a major influence or major help, but in the end, it’s still just you.

In this economy, you need to be a self starter.  You need to be ahead of the curve.  You need to be unique.  The most ironic part is that most kids were told by their parents at one point or another that they were, in fact, unique.  If every parent tells every child that they are unique, then essentially, we are all the same.  So what do you do?  Differentiate yourself.  That’s an awesome concept.  But here’s my issue: How?  Everyone ends up hearing the same information I do.  The only differentiation that you have is what you’ve done with your life.

I wasn’t highly active in school.  I went to school, focused on school work, and went home.  My social life from grades K-12 was pretty much non-existent so my networking started really, really late.  I’ve been at the same job since 2002 except I’ve moved up through the ranks a little.

Fast forward to the fall semester, 2010:  Get involved with the Marketing Association (double check because I’m the PR officer).  Try to find a viable internship (half check because I have the contacts, but my résumé needs to be revamped, again).  Sign up for the South Africa study abroad trip (triple check because I applied for that, decided to be overzealous and look into Brazil, and I finally found a viable mentor at Rutgers in the Marketing Department).  Increase my friend circle (pretty sure that can be checked because I didn’t realize how many people I do know and how many I’m getting to know and the best part is that these people are going somewhere with their lives and I can only hope that the friendships will last long into the future). FYI – I do realize that last one was a run-on.

Looking at that last paragraph, I’d say I’m doing pretty well.  However, I really should be working on my résumé, but I’d rather procrastinate right now (Generation Y at it’s finest people).  I’ll get it done, I always do.  And when it’s done, it’ll be awesome, and unique, and differentiated, and just like everyone else’s.