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I am a Rutgers-Camden Graduate

Last Wednesday, Governor Christie proposed a separation and merger of two of New Jersey state colleges as a way to improve or higher education; Rutger-Camden, a nationally recognized university, will not only be “merged,” but dissolved into Rowan University, a regionally known state school.  People who attend Rutgers-Camden are typically from South Jersey, want the same education that New Brunswick offers but cannot alter their current life to head north, and want the recognition of a name, a BRAND, of a nationally and globally known University.

As a Rutgers-Camden graduate, as a RUTGERS graduate, I am not happy that my alma mater may be no more.  Because of this, I wrote a letter to Governor Christie in regards to this matter and my feelings on this issue.  I only felt that it would be fair to share it with the Rutgers Community and every one else.

I have attached a link to sign a petition against this potential merger: Stop the Merger!

Dear Governor Christie,
While I applaud your efforts in attempting to reform New Jersey’s higher education system, I feel that this merger may be more detrimental than beneficial.  I understand your want to increase Rowan’s national recognition, but shedding the Rutgers name in Camden can be seen as a slap in the face to those students and alum that attended Camden because they could not attend New Brunswick for various reasons.
I, like many other New Jerseyans seeking a secondary education, left New Jersey to pursue my degree.  However, after my freshman year, I came back, looked at my college options (again) in NJ, and decided on Rutgers (my three choices were Rutgers, TCNJ, and Rowan).  Rutgers-Camden won out in the end because it was more convenient than New Brunswick (and would be the same education), had my major (B.S. in Marketing, not Business with a specialization), and it fit my budget.  I spent two and a half years at Burlington County College and transferred right into Rutgers-Camden without a second thought.
Here are some of my reasons why Rutgers-Camden should remain Rutgers, not assimilate into Rowan:  I went to RUTGERS, not Rowan for a reason, as did most students; they are not the same! Rutgers was founded in 1766 and is the eighth-oldest college in the United States, being one of the nine Colonial colleges founded before the American Revolution. Rutgers is a name that is easily recognized and highly regarded by employers nationwide. Rutgers-Camden students report the highest level of satisfaction with their education out of the three campuses.   I do not feel that it is fair to strip away Rutgers-Camden’s achievements and simply hand them over to Rowan who is still building their own name.
 I implore you to reconsider this merger.  If you must continue with the merger, may I suggest that you hold onto the Rutgers name and make Rowan a sister school.  We as a state do not need two research universities in order to compete with outside schools.  If anything we need lower in-state tuition and an increase in out-of-state tuition, as many other states will charge as much as $10,000 more.  New Jersey has a Southern New Jersey Research University, it goes by Rutgers-Camden; there is no logical reason to further separate the ties between North and South Jersey.
 Thank you for your time and I am interested to see the future decisions and plans for this proposed merger.
A Rutgers Graduate

One year later

One year later and I feel as though I do not have much to show for myself or my blog.  I became lackadaisical in updating on at least a MONTHLY basis (regardless of me notating that I wouldn’t be updating regularly).

One year later and I have a degree in marketing and no job with an office or cubicle to hang on my diploma.  Every job search that I have done thus far has either come up empty or has been misleading as to what the company actually wanted from me (Seeking Marketing Associate for sales-management program).

One year later and I gained 20 pounds from my senior year of college and 10 pounds from being lazy, eating good food, and general life stress.  Thankfully, I lost those 10 pounds and am currently pursuing to lose the other 20 and placing a restraining order on them.  For some irony, I gained the last 10 pounds soon after I joined a gym, but my workouts are finally kicking some butt (probably because I’m going more regularly and I’m kicking some butt).

One year later and I still hang with the same people almost every weekend and I don’t mind it at all.  Chill evenings can sometimes outrank even the most funnest of nights out.  When was the last weekend that I stayed in the entire time?  I can honestly say that I do not remember.

One year later and I’m still the same person I was before.  People may have said that I have changed, but in all honesty, it was that I didn’t change for them.  I have lost some close friends and I have gained some new acquaintances; isn’t that how the world works or the cookie crumbles?

So I sit before you one year later and I am still the same person now that I was 364 days ago, except one year older. Coincidence?  No, just life at it’s finest.

The Tale of Too Many Bobs?

“Welcome to the Wonderful World of Marketing” – Dr. F.Bob.

Preface: Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  To avoid confusion for myself, I have changed them all to “Bob” with the respect of certain initials the avoidance of said confusion.  You, the reader will probably be confused, but that just makes it all the more fun.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

“Are you in?” – Prof. K.Bob.

I have no- wait, I did have a choice, but I chose to take this wonderful Advertising and Promotions course where I will learn, through real life application, an IMC plan.  Sweet, right?  Yes because I will be able to use this in real life.  WOW.

I was told tonight by a fellow marketing survivor, C.Bob, that he wishes he was in my group.  Well, I wish the same, but things happen and he hopes to read about/see my awesome, fantabulous, amazing agency logo.  Well, there it is.  Scroll back in case you forgot.  Our agency, which by the way I totally sold the name with the creation of this logo (have to think)outside(the box).  The 5th P, which according to Prof. K.Bob, is people in the Marketing Mix and planning could potentially be the sixth.  Now, mind you, I didn’t just pull this name from class; there are FIVE members in my group including myself.  A.Bob, C.Bob, M.Bob, and D.Bob. Now being the only girl, I mulled over some name potentials and came up empty so I went with the theme of five.  Five group members, five people.  No brainer.

As for the real life application, we get to experience working with a real client, Tunes.  Now -wait for it- they have five locations.  I’m thinking fate, right?  More coincidental really.  Instead of beginning in the summer of ’69, they began in the summer of ’89 (cute, I know) out of a quaint little shop in OC, NJ and were formally title, “Tunes on the Dunes.”  They have adapted well with the times by including an online market in 1996 and expanding their line beyond CDs, LPs, and tapes to DVDs and video games as well.  A home grown venture.  Hopefully the four Bob’s and I will be able to do an amazing IMC and knock everyone’s socks off.

There are plenty of other Bob’s that came in and out of my life today.

Poor D.Bob, he’s stuck with the same awful Principles of Finance professor that I had last spring.  Simply put, she told us that she was not a supplement to our text books and that it is like comparing apples to oranges.  So if I have 5 apples and I take away 3, how many apples do I have?  No, I don’t have oranges, I still have 5 apples.  If you didn’t get it, please re-read.  If you still didn’t get it, ask me.

J.Bob just didn’t get it and I’ve accepted that.

R.Bob and I go through the same issues with getting to bed at a decent hour.  We’re both busy, we both have things to do, and then BAM!  it’s 2am because the ain’t no rest for the wicked according to a certain song.

All I know is that this Bob, K.Bob, ME, hopes to be entering hibernation mode come graduation and after I return home from Brazil.


Good time to say nighty-night.

It’s Fur-LUF-eeeeeee

For starters, say it really fast.  The title will appear to make more sense with a faster intonation, and the picture should help if you’ve ever seen Despicable Me.  If you haven’t seen the movie, you need to because it’s pretty much AWESOME.  There’s plenty of snow on the ground to make most of you want to stay indoors once the sun goes down, so rent it, watch it, and I’ll refrain from saying, “I told you so.”  I’ll even include a link: Despicable Me.

Yes, it’s fur-LUF-eeeeeee. The snow, I mean, not the unicorn, although I’d be a pretty lucky girl to have someone blowup a concession stand to win that for me (hint).  The snow is in fact fluffy.  Not exactly prime snowman making or fort building and not that I would particularly know since I did not have the wonderful opportunity to play in the snow.  With each snowfall that we’ve gotten this year, I have realized that I am getting closer to adulthood as I approach the end of my super-extended super-senior year.

I want to go sledding.  I can’t.

I have to go to work.
I have to go to school.
I have to do something.
I have no one to sled with (LAME, I know.)

Instead, I find myself waking up an extra hour earlier to shovel out my car.  Mind you, I do not live in Philly, an apartment complex, or somewhere similar.  I still live at home with my parents and we have a ginormous driveway.  I was smart today and parked as close to the end as I could.  However, it still took me about an hour and a half to remove the snow from my driveway, the plowed in snow, and the snow from my car (I’m not one of those annoying people who only remove enough to see out from only the windows).  It’s a really fun way to start my day especially when I prefer to work out after work.

Now mind you, I don’t hate snow and I don’t think I ever will (I’m sure I’ll eat those words when I’m old), but I’m starting to dislike it very much by how much it inconveniences me.  If I didn’t have anywhere to be and had nothing to do, I would say, “BRING IT.”  Dear Mother Nature, show me your worst and give me a reason to run to the grocery store because then I may truly be snowed in for five days.  But we live in Jersey, where we have an ample supply of snow plows and the only way that we’ll ever get snowed in is if 10 feet of snow falls from the sky and every plow but one breaks down.  I can see the pigs flying now.

Back to the inconveniences: I don’t entirely hate shoveling, rather I don’t like waking up early to shovel.  I understand that my street isn’t the only one in town, but they plow and then they don’t come back to do a clean up.  I don’t live on some side, “no outlet” street.  I live on a street where no one obeys the 25-mph speed limit that connects one main road to another.  I guess as long as they don’t put in speed bumps I’ll survive (that would be worse because I’d have to deal with it eeeeeevery day).  I also have to deal with my mother (sorry mom, but it’s not news).  She watches the weather:  when 6abc reports all day, she watches it all day.  I mean, it’s snowing and I don’t consider it to be worthy of an all day news event.  It’s snow, it’s weather and if you don’t like if, move to somewhere that it doesn’t snow.  However that would be rather impossible this year considering 49 of the 50 states have snow.

What do I like about snow?

It’s pretty.
It’s like a fresh start.
I love to just lay in it until I can’t feel my butt.
It never gets truly dark at night.
It gives the illusion of clean.

So all in all I like fur-LUF-eeeee snow.  But don’t be mistaken, there’s a 99.99999999% chance that I will be grumbling when I have to wake up early to shovel my car out again.