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My blog has been censored for fear that I may have pirated some information from the internet.






There’s actually an entire blog post, but the legislative talks about SOPA and PIPA have blocked out what I wanted to say for fear that I may have used copyrighted information or that someone may use my information.

I believe in the 1st Amendment and I believe in the right to information and the open source of the Internet.  This isn’t 1995, or even 2005.  This is 2012 where people rely on Web sites like Google and Wikipedia to find information that is helpful in answering a question or the aiding in a project.

Behold the age of the consumer and the attempt of further government censorship and control.

Say no to SOPA/PIPA.


I’m not all Mary Poppins and Carpet Bags

That’s me, that’s my saying and what I strive for each and everyday: Practically perfect in every way.  Sadly, this a rather infeasible concept because things rarely go as planned.  There are too many variables in the world to plan accordingly 100% of the time.  I guess that’s why I like this idea of practically perfect in every way: the operative word is practically.

I’ve been called Mary Poppins on more than one occasion.  Normally someone is either referring to my attempt at perfection or one of my seemingly large bags that I carry around.  Make fun as you may,  you never know when you’re going to need something that I may have in my awesome “carpet-bag.”

In the instance of the world working against perfection, last night I tried to schedule my classes for the spring semester.  That was a super fun experience for not only myself, but my classmates as well.  The WebReg system failed something terrible:  It said in nicely colored red letters, “You are not currently registered, so you may not add any courses. For assistance, go in person to your academic deans office.”  Um, hello?  My term bill is paid, I have no holds, and I’m an official super-senior at Rutgers University Camden.  It’s not rocket science, but to someone over at OIT, it totally was.  Whether it was the time change or a misuse of 0’s and 1’s, the basic explanation came down to it being a glitch.  I can think of another choice word, but this is a “Rated G” blog.  46 minutes later and I was officially registered for the three classes that I could actually sign up for.  The other two require special permission numbers that I haven’t been granted yet along with the one requiring an actual position as an intern (HIRE ME, PLEASE?).

So last night, to say the least, was not how I like to spend my Sundays.  I watched the latest episode of The Office about three times and never grasped what was going on because I had so much else going on.  When that hour and a half of failure ended, I moved on to Grey’s Anatomy and much to my avail, didn’t actually watch that either.  Between working on the flyers for some upcoming events, trying to actually register, bonding on Facebook over the awful scheduling fiasco, and attempting to get some down time, it was a rather crappy Sunday night.

At least my Monday night class was canceled, right?  That was about the only bright spot leading into a Monday after a not so superb Sunday night.  Although I almost spent the same amount of time on the road as in class, it’s nice to just go to class and leave sometimes.  As much as I like Camden, sometimes not being there can be beneficial to your health.  Too bad I spend way too much time there during my three class days.  The pangs of being involved (although nowhere near as much as some of my counterparts).

So, I try to achieve perfection.  Although I know it’s impossible to ever truly reach, a girl can dream can’t she?  Try to expect the unexpected, plan for the worst and hope for the best.  That’s all you can do when most things in life are out of your control.  I just throw my necessary items in one of my many “carpet-bags” and go on my way.

Now, if only I can master the whole “flying with an umbrella” thing.