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The Tale of Too Many Bobs?

“Welcome to the Wonderful World of Marketing” – Dr. F.Bob.

Preface: Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  To avoid confusion for myself, I have changed them all to “Bob” with the respect of certain initials the avoidance of said confusion.  You, the reader will probably be confused, but that just makes it all the more fun.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

“Are you in?” – Prof. K.Bob.

I have no- wait, I did have a choice, but I chose to take this wonderful Advertising and Promotions course where I will learn, through real life application, an IMC plan.  Sweet, right?  Yes because I will be able to use this in real life.  WOW.

I was told tonight by a fellow marketing survivor, C.Bob, that he wishes he was in my group.  Well, I wish the same, but things happen and he hopes to read about/see my awesome, fantabulous, amazing agency logo.  Well, there it is.  Scroll back in case you forgot.  Our agency, which by the way I totally sold the name with the creation of this logo (have to think)outside(the box).  The 5th P, which according to Prof. K.Bob, is people in the Marketing Mix and planning could potentially be the sixth.  Now, mind you, I didn’t just pull this name from class; there are FIVE members in my group including myself.  A.Bob, C.Bob, M.Bob, and D.Bob. Now being the only girl, I mulled over some name potentials and came up empty so I went with the theme of five.  Five group members, five people.  No brainer.

As for the real life application, we get to experience working with a real client, Tunes.  Now -wait for it- they have five locations.  I’m thinking fate, right?  More coincidental really.  Instead of beginning in the summer of ’69, they began in the summer of ’89 (cute, I know) out of a quaint little shop in OC, NJ and were formally title, “Tunes on the Dunes.”  They have adapted well with the times by including an online market in 1996 and expanding their line beyond CDs, LPs, and tapes to DVDs and video games as well.  A home grown venture.  Hopefully the four Bob’s and I will be able to do an amazing IMC and knock everyone’s socks off.

There are plenty of other Bob’s that came in and out of my life today.

Poor D.Bob, he’s stuck with the same awful Principles of Finance professor that I had last spring.  Simply put, she told us that she was not a supplement to our text books and that it is like comparing apples to oranges.  So if I have 5 apples and I take away 3, how many apples do I have?  No, I don’t have oranges, I still have 5 apples.  If you didn’t get it, please re-read.  If you still didn’t get it, ask me.

J.Bob just didn’t get it and I’ve accepted that.

R.Bob and I go through the same issues with getting to bed at a decent hour.  We’re both busy, we both have things to do, and then BAM!  it’s 2am because the ain’t no rest for the wicked according to a certain song.

All I know is that this Bob, K.Bob, ME, hopes to be entering hibernation mode come graduation and after I return home from Brazil.


Good time to say nighty-night.


What Snow?

So I figured that I owed my five (is that too ambitious of a number) followers a new blog.  Consider it a belated Christmas present.  If you’re not Catholic or Christian, I apologize for whatever offense.  SORRY, I’m Catholic and therefore celebrate Christmas and give out Christmas presents.  By any means,  I plan on keeping this short because my alarm is set for 5:30am so that I am out of bed by 6ish to shovel my car out to be at work by 9am (I live two minutes away but I don’t plan on shoveling and then going to work wet and snow covered).

1) Semester-end Good Tidings
2) Internships… (S)?
3) Snow, yeah THAT white stuff
4) Too much gab, listen


1) Semester-end Good Tidings:

So, I may not have that 4.0 anymore (it died with Spring semester finance), but I do have a 3.97 instead of a 3.96.  It may seem minuscule but when I was faced with a VERY good possibility of receiving a B in Policy which would drop my GPA to a 3.92, I was ecstatic to open up my grades online Christmas evening to discover ALL A’s.  My heart literally skipped a beat and I couldn’t breathe for a good 3.97 seconds of so…..  I want to graduate with the highest honors as a personal achievement for myself; it’s not to show employers how smart I am.  I could be super stupid and have taken the easier courses with the easiest professors.  It was the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER, hands down, to date.  Grades aren’t all, but they are a good measure for achievement when given fairly and when you know you’ve done everything possible to deserve them.

2) Internships… (S)?

Yes, there is a “S” after that.  Call me crazy but I need as many opportunities as I can get.  I have one internship for credit where I’ll be developing a marketing plan, getting the company involved with social media and updating various brochures and presentations.  The second internship is more of a part time gig with a full time emphasis.  I will be writing copies for the products using my fun, funky, and witty flair (I know, witty doesn’t follow in with the proper alliteration).  They both offer different opportunities that I look forward to exploring.  Now, if only I can turn one of them into a full time real job……………..

3) Snow, yeah THAT white stuff

Um, it’s snowing.  DUH.  If you’re a hermit and haven’t turned on the TV to look at the weather channel or simply looked out your window, it’s snowing.  Heck, all you have to do these days is check you Facebook newsfeed.  My mother on the other hand loves it when 6abc does the storm watch so she can “see what it’s doing.”  Every time that she tells me this I always reply with a “Look out the window, Mom.”  She hates it when I do that. I don’t care that Delaware has 6 inches of snow at two in the afternoon when we barely have 1 inch.  I don’t need to know that it’s snowing in four towns surrounding me.  Is it snowing out?  Yes; I can tell that by looking out the window.  When is it going to stop?  According to the weatherman, sometime between now and 1pm tomorrow; it will stop when it stops.  School closings?  A) School’s done for break and B) I work at a Pharmacy, we DON’T close for snow. The object of news is to tell me something new.  This is why I don’t watch it that often and when I do, I watch it in small increments.  If I watch it in the morning, I don’t at night (most stories are repeats).  Amazingly enough, I have this neat invention called an iPhone so I can check the weather or the news when I please.  The world is at my fingertips.  Go figure.

4) Too much gab, listen

As much as I wish people would stop telling me that I’m being quiet: it’s either someone that I don’t know telling me that I’m being TOO quiet or someone that I do know saying that I’m unusually quiet.  The only good thing about someone saying that is that it becomes an awesome conversation starter.  I hate small talk.  I’m clearly NOT going to talk about the weather and if I don’t know you, it’s hard to find an easier commonality especially if there has been no introduction.  If I do know you, sometimes I simply have nothing to say or too much is being said and it either has nothing to do with me or I can’t find that small moment of dead air for the chance to interject.  Can I talk a lot?  Sure, when I have a captive audience.  If there’s someone else there and they have the gift of gab and prefer the light to be on them (especially without realizing it), I tend to rescind any thought of talking and I generally have a hard time getting out of that state.  It’s a state I like to call, listening, observing, and thinking: LOT.  Hey, don’t knock it.  I have heard more things about more people that way, especially when it has nothing to do with the group of people that you’re with.  If you stuck in a car, your thoughts are somewhat limited and stuck listening to the same mundane conversation and tend to revert back to your own thoughts and proceed to daydream.  I can’t help it.  I was shy growing up, and although I was the “baby” in my family, I did not get everything I always wanted and I got into trouble the most.  I can talk, I can listen, and I don’t like hanging out with people that do not understand the concept of both.  Those people are best in small doses and in bigger social settings.  I think that I have a sign on my head (along with many others), that says, “Awesome listener here, can’t interject for crap so the soapbox is yours.”  Don’t get me wrong, I like to listen, but I have stories too, and you shouldn’t have to wait for me to blog about it to find out what they are because other people haven’t learned the art of listening.

So much for keeping this short….. :)

Avoiding a Crossroad?

I wouldn’t call what I am doing at this point in my life avoidance.  I wouldn’t call it being stuck in a “college bubble.”  And I am definitely not scared of the real world.  Instead I would call what I’m doing a strategic maneuver.  Although I do not need to stay in college, and my finances will agree, I feel that the upcoming semester will only add to my experiences and enhance certain skill levels.

Item One:  I do not have a super awesome job lined up for me upon graduation.  In the beginning of the fall semester I found that all I was concerned about was getting that piece of paper in January.  That was clearly not the correct mindset to have.  Some people think that I’m crazy for adding on this semester, but there’s no point in ending my undergraduate education if all I’ll be doing is counting pills and fixing insurance problems.

Item Two:  Take classes that I want to take while adding to and enhancing my skill set.  I enjoy research and I enjoy learning and developing a concept as to why people buy things.  I would assume from this that I have the potential for liking a career in Marketing Research or Advertising and Promotion.  After all, I became involved in Marketing because I love Psychology.  I like to know and understand why people buy what they buy and how to get them to buy things that would be of interest to them.  Taking a class where I will be taught the program most commonly used in the research world and learning more about advertising and how to promote product properly will take my education full circle.

Item Three:  I want to experience life outside the United States.  Regardless of whether or not I decided to take any extra classes, I planned to apply for a Study Abroad trip.  So I applied, potentially became a little greedy and applied for two different countries, and was accepted to both.  I am officially going to South Africa in the spring and Brazil in the summer.  I am overly excited and the experiences alone are worth every penny.

Item Four:  The spring semester is sort of like a buffer.  The fall was full of new opportunities and I jumped on them.  The spring allows me to finish up everything on a high note instead of just abruptly stopping after only a few short months.  Getting involved with the School of Business was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done.  Initially, I planned on going to class, getting my degree, and getting out as quickly as possible.  I figured that I’ve spent enough time working on my bachelors so there’s no need to worry about the extras.  I was wrong.  I made friends on the day I became an official student and I added to my “school-friend” network every semester since then.  Early on I only found a few diamond in the roughs, as I like to call them, that actually presented worthwhile opportunities to hang out outside of school.  This fall semester created an entire new lot of friendships that I plan on continuing well after graduation.  Essentially, the spring gives me a few extra months to solidify those bonds for life after college.

Item Five:  Maybe there’s a selfish part of me that’s not ready to “grow-up” even though I’ve felt like I grew up years ago.  So many of my friends from North Carolina, when I spent my freshman year there, are married and either have or are expecting children.  If I followed the traditional four year plan, I too may have been married before I turn 25.  But taking the longer route has allowed me to experience more life than I probably would have if I stuck to “tradition.”  When I finally graduate, I don’t plan on looking for a Mr. Right right away.  I plan on experiencing everything else life has to offer, while searching for my dream job, and if some Mister wants to come along for the ride, he’s more than welcome.  I know that one day I will have kids and I want to make sure that I’ve done everything for me so that I can focus on them without any “what ifs.”  I don’t want to be forced to look forward to retirement to do everything because I never had the chance.

So I’m not avoiding a set of crossroads in my life.  I’m just taking the best route possible in order to cross them.

Leap of Faith

So I started writing this last Friday.  I honestly have know idea where I was going with this now.  What’s worse is that I was interrupted while I was writing this so I had no idea then part-way through.  Maybe I did but I’m too chicken to reveal my greater truths.  Or my thought process got all jumbled and wanted to say more than comprehension allowed.  Or I just felt like stopping.  Maybe the whole thing is a mute point and this entire thing it pointless.

I’m not in a bitter mood tonight and I’m not exactly overwhelmed.  I think I’m just tired of everything in general.  I’m ready for the semester to be over.  Ready for bogus projects to be done.  Ready to start my break, even if it may only be filled with work and sleep.  I have some plans that I want to accomplish and plan on doing so even if that means doing them by myself.  I know that my mother would probably die at the idea of me traveling to NYC by myself, but as an adult, I can do it.  I know how to take a train, how to read signs, how not to get lost, and understand that I should never go or be led down a dark alley (that’s just stupid).

But back to the topic at hand.  I don’t see the point in deleting my draft from last Friday since I took the time to write it.  This whole post in a sense is pointless, but it’s my blog and I can post whatever I see fit.  Duh.

So enjoy, Friday, December 3, 2010 at it’s best (maybe, I think all my works rock).

I want to.  I really, really want to take a leap of faith, but I don’t see the point.  I’m happy with where things are and would rather them stay the same then make that leap without further knowledge about where I stand and royally screw things up.  If I take that leap, I want to know that I’m going to land on my feet, or better yet, have someone catch me.  I don’t want to be unsure of my place, take that leap, and then fall short and land on my butt.
My butt may have a little extra padding than others, but it still hurts just the same.
….she said butt
Clearly I am not a huge risk taker.  I like a certain amount of control, I like knowing, I like asking questions, and I like not failing or losing.  This can be a problem.  I tend to not put myself out there, put up a guard, and if you can get in, yourself lucky.  I don’t do it on purpose, it’s just who I am and how I have been, forever.
Considering that I’m pursuing a career in marketing, this can be a problem.  A problem that I can overcome, but it’s not going to happen over night.  It’s all about comfort and it takes a little bit to build that up.
What’s even funnier?  I have no idea where I was headed with this……
Oh well.

Just A Few Words….

Just. A. Few. Words.

However this rarely ever ends up being the case.

If you haven’t read my other posts, know and understand that I am busy.  It’s not that I’m ignoring you or that I don’t like you, it’s just that I have other things that take precedent.  If you’re not directly involved in something that needs my attention or you’re not there when the time is available for me, you’re just going to have to deal.  Sorry.

School comes first above all else.  Don’t take it personally.  Unless you have the “be all to end all” answer to everything, you are not my priority.

I’m tired.  I enjoy my social life.  My social life revolves around, you guessed it, school.  It’s a matter of priming, whether in psychology or mass media.  The friends you are around most often tend to be the ones that you talk to outside of preset situations.  True friends outside of these situations realize this and give support when it’s needed.

I’m not saying that it’s all about me, although I do take precedence when it comes to my future, there is a level of give and take.  I am only one person and I do what I can.  I can’t split myself into two and be everywhere at once.  In the end, I’m the one left choosing.  If I don’t choose you or something that you planned, don’t take it personally and bring it up a month later.  Know that phones work both way and Facebook was never intended to be utilized as a one sided tool (cyberstalking, really?).  Sure, you can check Facebook to see what I am up to, but message me, text me, or call me.  It’s a very simple process.  I may be busy, but I have no problem stopping for a few minutes to chat it up and see what is up.


Rocket science, right?

I’m busy and sometimes I feel weird when I have nothing to do.  Might as well prepare for the real world now.

Oh, wait.  I am in the real world, and although school may be a bubble to most, I know what’s out there and the grass isn’t always greener.