I am a Rutgers-Camden Graduate

Last Wednesday, Governor Christie proposed a separation and merger of two of New Jersey state colleges as a way to improve or higher education; Rutger-Camden, a nationally recognized university, will not only be “merged,” but dissolved into Rowan University, a regionally known state school.  People who attend Rutgers-Camden are typically from South Jersey, want the same education that New Brunswick offers but cannot alter their current life to head north, and want the recognition of a name, a BRAND, of a nationally and globally known University.

As a Rutgers-Camden graduate, as a RUTGERS graduate, I am not happy that my alma mater may be no more.  Because of this, I wrote a letter to Governor Christie in regards to this matter and my feelings on this issue.  I only felt that it would be fair to share it with the Rutgers Community and every one else.

I have attached a link to sign a petition against this potential merger: Stop the Merger!

Dear Governor Christie,
While I applaud your efforts in attempting to reform New Jersey’s higher education system, I feel that this merger may be more detrimental than beneficial.  I understand your want to increase Rowan’s national recognition, but shedding the Rutgers name in Camden can be seen as a slap in the face to those students and alum that attended Camden because they could not attend New Brunswick for various reasons.
I, like many other New Jerseyans seeking a secondary education, left New Jersey to pursue my degree.  However, after my freshman year, I came back, looked at my college options (again) in NJ, and decided on Rutgers (my three choices were Rutgers, TCNJ, and Rowan).  Rutgers-Camden won out in the end because it was more convenient than New Brunswick (and would be the same education), had my major (B.S. in Marketing, not Business with a specialization), and it fit my budget.  I spent two and a half years at Burlington County College and transferred right into Rutgers-Camden without a second thought.
Here are some of my reasons why Rutgers-Camden should remain Rutgers, not assimilate into Rowan:  I went to RUTGERS, not Rowan for a reason, as did most students; they are not the same! Rutgers was founded in 1766 and is the eighth-oldest college in the United States, being one of the nine Colonial colleges founded before the American Revolution. Rutgers is a name that is easily recognized and highly regarded by employers nationwide. Rutgers-Camden students report the highest level of satisfaction with their education out of the three campuses.   I do not feel that it is fair to strip away Rutgers-Camden’s achievements and simply hand them over to Rowan who is still building their own name.
 I implore you to reconsider this merger.  If you must continue with the merger, may I suggest that you hold onto the Rutgers name and make Rowan a sister school.  We as a state do not need two research universities in order to compete with outside schools.  If anything we need lower in-state tuition and an increase in out-of-state tuition, as many other states will charge as much as $10,000 more.  New Jersey has a Southern New Jersey Research University, it goes by Rutgers-Camden; there is no logical reason to further separate the ties between North and South Jersey.
 Thank you for your time and I am interested to see the future decisions and plans for this proposed merger.
A Rutgers Graduate

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I have a Marketing Degree from Rutgers and no "career job" to show for it. However, that does not mean that I cannot try and live the dream. Work where I can, when I can; whether that be at the same place I've worked since high school or seasonally elsewhere. Never stop living and loving the life that is mine. Call it fluff, but it's my silver lining. View all posts by Katie

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