Monthly Archives: July 2011

Been a Long While


I never would have though that a horoscope could have prompted me to write.  It’s not that I don’t like writing mind you, I just wasn’t sure exactly what to write about.  I still don’t know even know exactly, but I knew I had to start back.  I may have lost some readers due to my extended hiatus, but just like with the Field of Dreams, “if you build it, they will come.”

So here’s my field.

I can’t begin to explain everything that has happened since my last post: I’ve had ups, downs, fun times, bad times, boring times, etc.  In general, LIFE.

Let’s see:

South Africa: Beautiful, amazing, magical… I would go back in a heartbeat and wouldn’t give the 15 hour plane ride a second thought.  South African wine, amazing.  Now I just need to go to a French winery to properly compare.

Brazil: Rio was neat, a city with a shore line.  Beautiful stores, people and culture.  Sugar Loaf was breathtaking.  The art, something else.  Whether it was graffiti or professionally done.

I joined a gym: Clearly working out at home was no longer working for me, so to the gym I go.

I hurt my knee: However, this was not from the gym, rather dancing with friends in Atlantic City.  Go figure.

I am helping my sister with her wedding:  Maid of honor, hello.  So much to do and the wedding isn’t even mine.  It would be super awesome if everyone could put their heads together to make it happen versus being head strong about how they want it.  It’s not rocket science, but then again, we are only human.

I wish that this was more insightful and poetic, but hey, I haven’t written in a while and I need to work out all of the kinks.  I’ll get better as time goes on and I WILL be writing more often.  It’s nice to vent to a nameless, faceless audience.  It’s like chicken soup for the soul, just no “dear diary.”